I’m in Strange Horizons’ Nigerian issue!

Have you ever started writing something, stopped and then visited it years later only to wonder what on earth you were writing about? That’s what happened to me with my latest story out on Strange Horizons, “Where The Rain Mothers Are”. As I sat down to rewrite the story, I still didn’t know where I was heading with it but I knew the story was about family, food and had an airship. So there you have it, “Where The Rain Mothers Are”. I’ve already had inquiries as to whether the story will continue and I can share that it will (if/when I finally sit down to write it).

Many thanks to Vajra Chandrasekera for inviting me to submit to this issue and for polishing my story to its current state.

Read Strange Horizons issue 29 April, 2019 here!

Read “58 Rules to Ensure Your Husband Loves You Forever”

I have the pressure Nigerian society places on women (whether single or married) to thank for this story. In “58 Rules to Ensure Your Husband Loves You Forever”, our heroine, Iman is married to a man who slowly becomes a zombie. Encouraged by an aunt, Iman remains with her zombified husband in a strange marriage.

“58 Rules to Ensure Your Husband Loves You Forever” was longlisted for the 2017 Writivism Short Story Prize and is now available to read in Nightmare magazine! I’m super thankful to John Joseph Adams, Sandra Odell, Wendy Wagner and the rest of the team at Nightmare!

Read Nightmare issue 77 here!


Debug analysed by Zaynabtyty Quadri

OkadaBooks has been supportive of my writing and it’s both humbling and exciting. They reviewed my flash fiction “Debug” (published by Omenana) for their Literally…What’s Hot? series on Bella Naija. Here’s what Zaynabtyty had to say This flash fiction about a Robin-hood house-girl who just happens to be a robot is a must read! Debug

Behind the scenes
Yoyin of the Captivating Form

One story of mine that seems to be quite popular is “Yoyin of the Captivating Form”. Published in Expound Magazine, “Yoyin of the Captivating Form” tells the love story of The Man Who Used to Be a Hunter and Yoyin. The reception and positive feedback this story has received really leads me to believe that

Watch the trailer for Beyond Tolerance!

I still can’t believe that Amaka Vanni and I produced a feature documentary examining the survival of traditional culture in Nigeria and its contribution to political and socio-economic development. In Beyond Tolerance, we follow the lives of two young Nigerians adhering to the Ifa/Orisha worship system and find a community thriving in spite of negative stereotypes

Masiyaleti Mbewe: “We should rather be talking about ‘pan-African futurism'”

I interviewed my friend and fellow writer of African speculative fiction Masiyaleti Mbewe for Perspectives magazine. Masiyaleti is a writer, activist and photographer based in Namibia. We talked about pan-African futurism as the future of our continent, queerness and Masiyaleti’s work which draws from her experiences living in various African countries. Here’s a snippet of